Green Day Cancel Huge Glasgow Gig



Huge news coming out of Glasgow this afternoon. American rockers Green Day have CANCELLED their big Bellahouston Park gig tonight. It's not quite clear the full reason behind the decision, but it appears the Scottish summer weather has scuppered the concert. More as and when we get it!

It certainly looks like the crew only started putting up the stage today and that the weather has severely hampered their preparations. Sound engineers have suffered issues all morning long, and as a result, the gig is off. If you're heading to the gig whilst reading this...let us know how you're feeling. My guess is pure gutted.

The gig's organisers have tweeted the following statement...

Part two...

I tweeted this explanation out a little earlier. Makes more sense than a bit of rain, eh?

Here's the on site scene, via Steve Lagudi, who is a sound engineer. "Bummer" doesn't really sum up the fury of the GD fans that I've heard from...

Megan hasn't taken the news well...

The "adverse weather conditions" line is a strange one. Aye, it's a wee bit wet here in Scotland today. But nothing abnormal. And the forecast for during the gig is...well...pretty decent by all accounts!

Amanda Buchan

Gutted doesn't cover it.... Sons first green day concert, 14th birthday today, Billie Joe hero worshipper and no concert :( sad times

Roddy Graham

Sorry to hear that Amanda. Seen so many xmas/birthday present tweets in the last hour. If it's due to rain or the staging issues, it's a real, real shame!

The gates were due to open in 12 minutes as well. Some folk had their tickets for 7 months. Like this lass...#DontAngerTheGoths

As always with these things, rumours are flying around about what is the real reason for this gig not going ahead. From leaky roofs to half the stage not arriving on time and the promoters not having long enough to build it. Whatever the real reason is, fans are rightly pissed off with this.


Weird that they didn't have enough time, been walking by the park most of this week and it's been blocked off since last Tuesday

Roddy Graham

Purely speculating here Gabe, but wonder if the security team had everything sorted but the promoters were the ones who screwed up? Certainly looks like they are the ones to blame from what I've read so far.