Heather Watson
6 6

Anastasija Sevastova
0 4



HELLO!!! Bit loud for this time of the day? Alright, sorry. I'm Matt Verri, and this is/will be Heather Watson vs Anastasija Sevastova. Exciting, right? From now on, Watson's opponent will be known as Ana Seva as I really can't be trusted to keep spelling that out.

Ah, I have cracked this. BBC 1 have Pat Cash wittering on about the Sex Pistols, but the Red Button has Watson on. Perfect. Watson has won the toss, and will serve first. I think. They sort of mumbled their way through it.

They've played once before, back in 2013. Sevastova won in three sets. That was ages ago though, so who cares. Today we are firmly in the Heather box, hoping she manages to make it through. Not literally in her box though. Haven't yet had to the call from her to say she wants us courtside. Sure it's imminent.

Predictions? I'll take any silence to mean nobody is following along with me and I have no friends. Which is true. I'll go Watson to win in 3. 3-6 6-2 7-5. That now is guaranteed not to happen. Watson to serve.... LET'S PLAY BALL.

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

Watson to win 7-6, 4-6, 7-5

Matt Verri

Thanks Mel! Think this is going to be very close, hopefully Heather can pull through!

Well that's a start I like a lot! Watson with the unforced error to go behind 0-15, but responds so well. Big ace down the middle, backhand winner crosscourt, and now an even bigger ace. 40-15. Good aggression early doors. Sevastova nets the return to the second serve, and that's a comfortable hold. Excellent. Watson 1-0* Sevastova

Sevastova proves she's got a decent serve on her too, ace to start the game. 15-0. Backs it up with an unforced error though to gift Watson the point, but that's a wonderful drop shot next point to get herself back ahead in the game. 30-15. Another unforced error already from Sevastova... 30-30. First serve not returned, eases the nerves. 40-30.

Big rally, ball looks to be out a few times but the play carries on! That's called out though, and Watson challenges it. Good decision, it was indeed in as she suspected and we'll replay the point at 40-30. Sevastova nets the forehand next point... DEUCE! Watson comes to the net, and puts away the volley well! BREAK POINT WATSON!!

COME ON!!! That'll do very nicely. Watson looking very strong in the rally, dictating things with her aggression. Gets on top in this rally, and eventually forces the error as Sevastova finds the net once again. What a start! Watson *2-0 Sevastova

She's brimming with confidence now, is our Heather as she brings out the drop shot. Sevastova doesn't even consider moving towards it, 15-0. Good first serve to back it up, not returned. 30-0. Has to turn to the second serve this time, but Sevastova generously puts her return straight into the net. 40-0. And a hold to love! Perfect stuff from Watson. Leads 3-0.

My word does Watson look up for this. Such powerful groundstrokes, forcing Sevastova well behind the baseline. Another unforced error on the forehand inevitably comes, 0-15. Ah, she is human. Bit of a wild shot from Watson, 15-15. That's a poor forehand from Sevastova again... 15-30. Chance? Big chance. Wonderful return from Watson, far too good. TWO BREAK POINTS!!