Adam Pavlasek
2 2 1

Novak Djokovic
6 6 6



Hello everybody and welcome to coverage of a Second Round match at Wimbledon, Pavlasek v Djokovic, the winner of this match (Djokovic) will face of against either Gulbis or Del Potro, let's be real though, let me try again, Djokovic will play Del Potro later this week, better? Better.

I am Ewan who will be giving you the coverage of the match on this page, feel free to comment your thoughts, any predictions? Will Pavlasek retire like Klizan did? How well will Djokovic dominate?


Djokovic in 3 losing no more than 7 games


That sounds about right to me.

Pavlasek is a man who is 136th in the world, who beat Escobedo (anyone? me neither) in 4 sets to get the honor of getting crushed by the world number 4 on court 1. He is a young man, 22 years of age who is from Czechia and still lives there, (all the websites still say Czech Republic... Amateurs)

Meanwhile you can read Hannah's coverage of an actually interesting game, Monfils v Edmund, they have a brit in it so it goes on centre court! Right Here:

Pavlasek has the rational two handed backhand and a much easier for me to report on than the other style, right handed playing! He has done surprisingly well for his rank of 136 and his highest ever rank of 72, over 5 years of playing as a pro player on the ATP tour his has made $383,251 for himself in prize money!

Djokovic comes out to a cheering court one, Pavlasek comes out to a "who is that?" Look from the crowd and a few less claps.

This is interesting, Novak has reached the third round of every Wimbledon he has ever competed at! Source: Wimbledon Twitter

Pavlasek has never reached the 3rd round of any Grand Slam and has not even reached the Main Draw of the US Open ever!

These two have never played each other yet, but how hard will Djoko win? Let's find out!

Here we go.. 3, 2, 1, PLAY! Pavlasek serves first!