The Anniversary Games



Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the Muller Anniversary Games, live from the New Upton Park in that there London Town. I'm @NiallHawthorne here with you for the first two hours of BBC Coverage.

Today is a celebration of athletics with just a few weeks left until the World Championships are upon us. More importantly however is that today is a celebration of the wedding day of the great Gerd Muller and his wife, pictured here looking forward to their big day. What a player he was. Splendid.

Before coverage kicks off (wait, how does Athletics start? Kick off's not right. Neither is throw-in, first ball or bully off) at 12.15pm, let's have a look at the order of play today. 12pm - 1.03pm:

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

Ummm... would "before the starting gun is fired" work? Or does that only apply to some races?


It works for the running about events, but they don't shoot at them for the field events....

1.06pm - 2.27pm:

2.31pm - 3.48pm:

Now I could be wrong, but I think that the winners of the events with a Diamond PIcture next to them qualify for the Crystal Maze grand final and add 5 seconds to their time in the Crystal, catching pieces of tinfoil. That's going to be a fitting finale to this Sports Day. They should have that in every Olympics / World Champs in my opinion.

There's no opening ceremony today like there was in 2012, but that's because they're saving that for the World Championships in a few weeks. How will they top 2012 though? James Bond, Her Maj skydiving, a huge celebration of the NHS... Hang on. Oooh, this is awkward. Let's move on....

BREAKING NEWS: MEN'S 4 x 100m RELAY RESULT (that the BBC couldn't be arsed showing you): Australia win, Europe second and Great Britain tear themselves apart by splitting into 4 teams and all doing not as good as a 'United' team might have done. Talk about life imitating, err, life. Oh, and the All Stars should be sued for false advertising

Next to begin at 12.20pm is the Women's Pole Vault. Holly Bradshaw goes for GB and she's only 5cm behind the leading Season's Best in the field, so high hopes for Holly today. Well, they should be high. You try falling from 4.80m up in the air (no, don't jump off your roof...)

The British Broadcasting Corporation are now bringing us LIVE coverage. Excellent. Keeping us informed today we have Gabby Logan, who is excellent, with Colin Jackson, Denise Lewis and Paula Radcliffe. The stadium is currently full of bubbles and Pablo Zabaleta is wandering around the in-field looking quite confused. He must not have gotten the memo. Poor Pablo.