The Anniversary Games



Well that was the Anniversary Games, I hope you also enjoyed, an event that is just trying to hang on to when anyone other than america last liked us, the London 2012 Olympics, until next time, goodbye!

Mo Wins, No surprise. 7:35.15, his best time of the season. Mechaal of Spain 2nd, Butchart 3rd.

Only one more event to go, the Unoffical, 3000m! This is literally only being run for MO FARAH!!!!! MO FARAH! MOBOT TIME! Eat Quorn. No literally I'm not kidding, Quorn is as nice as Meat and is so much healther, like even if your not veggie, it's fat to protein ratio compared to meat is obseen. try it.

The long jump Women has finished, Bartoletta wins with a Meeting Record of 7.01m, Spanovic 2nd, Stratton 3rd.

Finally also a Polish record for Cichocka. That was the 2nd fastest ever Mile run by a Female Brit from Muir.

OBIRI HAS PASSED MUIR! WHATT! SHE WINS! WHAT!?!!??!!??!?! Obiri wins with 4:16.56! Meeting record! Kenyan Record! WTF!!?!?!? PB for Muir with 4:18.03! Chebet 3rd!

That Music AGAIN!

This is mainly only happening for Laura Muir to win and try to break a British record, Meeting record and World Lead. I'm also told Simpson from America may also beat the American record.. Sadly she's not called Lisa.

Next is the 1 mile women, including one British Women called Snowden, was she born on the Mountain of Snowden?

Merritt unsurprisingly wins with 13.09. Trajkovic of Cyprus 2nd with a National record of 13.25, but the question is, does that National Record include Northren Cyprus or British Cyprus? Brathwaite 3rd.