The Anniversary Games



Anyway, Rob Heffernan would have beaten him. *ahem*

Emperor Slowking

While we are plugging people we know, shout out to my friend Michael McKillop running in the World Paras.....


Absolutely! Another legend.

The final details from the 1 Mile Men's Race Walk. That was fun. More of this kind of thing.

The Men's Long Jump is about to start in the stadium. That Ginger GB lad isn't in it though, so y'know. Bryant and Bramble go for GB though. To be fair I did read Greg Rutherford's Autobiography a few months back and s'alright. Showed me how much of a lottery the sport of Long Jump is though. You really need all the stars to align to hit a big jump.

The legendary David Weir (not the footballer) is up next in the T54 800m Men, his final track race apparently. He's got a bulging medal drawer. He may even have upgraded to a cabinet. I for one GUARANTEE a GB win in this race. I am SOOOOOO confident. Here's the start list.

One lap to go and David Weir is in 3rd, moving up to 2nd in the back straight... He's waiting to make his move, around the top bend into the home straight. HERE HE GOES! HE BREAKS FOR HOME! HE PULLS CLEAR! DAVID WEIR WINS AGAIN!

A standing ovation for David Weir in the stadium. Gabby Logan stirring up shite by questioning why he hasn't been given a knighthood. Lol, good for her. Phil is trackside interviewing a very emotional David Weir.

BBC switching from 2 to 1 now right as the Men's 400m is due to start, so not sure if they'll show that. A few GB athletes here along with one of those Borlee lads (I can never tell them apart or who's better) and an American called McQuay Rooney the big hope for GB I hear, fresh off his medical at Everton. Mind you, getting that gut over those hurdles can't be easy.

Of course it doesn't matter who wins this race as Wayde van Niekerk holds the WL time about a second faster at least than everyone in this field. That's about 3 miles ahead in sprinting terms. That guy is doing things that 400m Hurdles people consider to be obscene.

Here's the result of the Men's 400m Hurdles which the BBC are ignoring. As did Hudson-Smith of GB how couldn't be arsed finishing. Michael popped his Cherry to take the win. A big day for him. A PB for Dwayne Cowan though ahead of Kevin Borlee who must be the crap Borlee.

Oh for feck sake, BBC 1 now going back over everything that happened on BBC 2, ignoring what's happening now. NNNNNGGGGG. If you weren't arsed to switch channel an hour ago you don't deserve to be updated. Plus you should be reading this instead. HAH.