The Anniversary Games



Now the 800m Men! Including Som who is a pacemaker, also known as a runner who's cheating and only running 400m.

This includes the Irishman called English... Saying nothing more.


Go on, I dare ya...


um... uh.... DUP!...

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Other contestants include Amos, Osagie, Brazier, Kiprop, Giles, Kszczot (who's tactic is that everyone is so focused on saying his name when announced that he'll sneak a victory while everyones googling it), Wightman, Langford and Sowinski

Amos wins! 1:43.18, the fastest time this year also known as a World Lead... is that what the sun has us on? Brazier 2nd, Kiprop 3rd. Britain was 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th and 5th and 4 of them did their fastest ever time. Pretty much sums up Middle Distance Running for Britain.

Next race will be the 100m Women's Hurdles, this includes 6 Americans in the 9 runners, so Trump's probably done an executive order telling Mexican Builders to build a wall in front of the other competitiors before the race starts, and may's probably allowed the building.

In this race we have, Pedersen, Castlin, Ali, Pearson, Harrison, Stowers, Manning, Nevis and Visser.

Also right now a bunch of men are running the 100m trying to run under 10 seconds... N00bs. I try to run 100m under 40 seconds! More time the better right? Right?

Unlike Niall and Slowking, I have no friends! So no one I'm particually supporting in this meeting.

Meanwhile, after this will be what we have all been waiting for, Escape to the Country! No?... Well... It's Series 13, Episode 67! And you thought Simpsons had a lot of episodes!

Finally the Women's 100m Hurdles is about to begin! Huzzah!