Magdalena Rybarikova
6 2 6

Petra Martic
4 6 3



Thanks very much for following this Manic Monday tie with us. So much more tennis on ByTheMinute today. All 16 singles matches are covered today. I've been Roddy Graham. I really enjoyed the man with the bag on his head. And I'll speak to you all again soon. Ta ta x

After a disappointing second set, she's came through and shown her strength of character to make it through. Petra Martic has already walked to the dressing room. Not hanging around a minute longer.

Excellent point from Rybarikova to take a 40-15 lead. She's got two match point after an hour and 52 minutes. Takes it on the first! Rybarikova is through to the Wimbledon quarter final. She's absolutely delighted. And no wonder!

Martic hasn't started this game well. Gives Rybar a 15-30 lead. She's two points away from a QF. Rybar nets the next return, and spoons the one after that. 40-30. Martic holds on in the match. Rybarikova serving for the match now!

After getting herself into such a good position earlier in the game, Martic gifts Rybar the ADV. AND RYBAR TAKES IT! 5-2, final set. Martic serving to stay in the tournament.

WONDERFUL TENNIS FROM PETRA MARTIC! I thought she'd chucked the match in the last game. Some excellent play in this game gives her 2 BPs. Can't convert the first...nor the second. To deuce we go. Next few points could determine the winner.

Now, is this the game where things go a bit wayward in this set? Petra Martic doubles faults at 0-15. Gets a warning from the umpire for her choice of words. Now faces 2 BPs at 15-40. Big moments. And Rybar breaks! Martic handed her that on a plate. Trouble for Petra now.

It was looking like a really solid hold of serve for Rybarikova. Then things go a bit wild. Including a double fault at 40-30! To deuce once more. Rybar manages to hold on after just one deuce. 3-2 to Slovakia in the final set.

This game enters it's 8th minute. Huge game it is too. Martic has the ADV at present...and seals the game too! One set all. Two games a piece. This is on a knife edge!

The drama in this match is rising. Rybar has a break chance at 30-40 but Martic manages to nick it to take the game to deuce. Rybar getting *super* lucky with the net as a drop shot nicks it way off it to give Martic no chance. BP once more. Martic's forehand saves her. Again. Back to deuce!