Magdalena Rybarikova
6 2 6

Petra Martic
4 6 3



Wonderful tennis from Rybarikova brings her yet another 3 BP chances. Surely she's going to convert one of these?! She does! The very first one. We're back on serve!


Rybarikova played a gorgeous stretch volley at 0-15. Followed up by a rather fortunate backhand winner. She doesn't see the game out from there though. We head to deuce. Rybarikova does take the game from deuce though. Leads for the first time in the set. 5-4.

The Slovakian is taking charge of the opening set. 15-30 on the Martic serve. Rybar just two points from the set. Get a first set point next up. AND TAKES IT DOWN THE LINE! 6-4 Rybarikova from a 2-4 position. She's one set away from the first set!

There's your first set summary. Only missing the most important stat... Men wearing bags as hats: 1

Martic needs a good start to the 2nd set as she rather timidly gave the first away. She might just get it too. 15-40 on the Rybar serve. 2 BP chances. Takes it on the first too! Martic breaks early, just as she did in the opening game of the first set.

A lovely service game from Martic puts her in position for a two game lead at 40-30. A wild backhand hads Martic the game too. 2-0 Martic. It's deja vu from the first set this!

Are drop shots being used far more widely than ever before? Seen a good half dozen already in this match. 10 years ago I reckon you'd see one a match. Another insanely timed one from Rybar in this game. Rybar produces the goods to hold serve. 1-2 at the change of ends.

Wee update on man with bag on his head...he's no longer wearing a bag. He has found an actual hat to wear. Shame. Loved that massive Pope like headwear.

Break back chance here fro Rybar at 30-40. She has managed to take it as well. Martic didn't look comfortable at all in that service game. 2-2 here on court 18!