Tour De France 2017: Stage 10



Hello and welcome one and all to coverage of Stage 10 of Le Tour de France. Today's stage is Perigueux to Bergerac and I'm your commentator, Ewan. Also, luckily for Tim's sanity, I have watched a lot of cycling. Here is todays stage: The Breakaway has a gap of 2:43 and is made of two riders... Offredo and Gesbert. As you would expect at this stage of the tour, neither high in the GC.

Cote de Domme has been climbed and the points awarded, that means one point goes to Gesbert. We are 5km to the Intermediate Sprint. 62km to go overall.

Eurosport take a risky advert break just before the sprint.. will they get back in time?

Just about!

The Intermediate Sprint is passed by the Breakaway. Offerdo gets 20 points and Gesbert gets 17. The Peloton start sprinting!

Greipel wins the Peloton's Sprint! Kittel after him.

Points awarded for the Intermediate Sprint: Offredo 20 Gesbert 17 Greipel 15 Kittel 13 Kristoff 11 Haller 10 Matthews 9 Colbrelli 8 Arndt 7 Sabatini 6 De Gendt 5 Stybar 4 Teunissen 3 Curvers 2 Kung 1

Next climb is Cote du Buisson de Cadouin. that is 2.1 km long and has an average gradient of 5.6%, it's a Category 4 climb so only one point for the winner, that is in 5km. 46km to go overall.

The gap is a steady 2:35.

The climb is about to begin. After this climb and afterward the downhill it'll be almost completely flat the whole way.