Sam Querrey
7 4 6 5

Marin Cilic
6 6 7 7



HELLO TENNIS PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! Welcome along to Andy Murray vs Rafa Nadal for a place in the Wimbledon fin...YOU WHAT?! Sam Querrey put Murray out and Rafa lost to Gilles Muller, before he went out to Marin Cilic?! Jesus. Cue the music then, if you must...

Yes, it's not the semi final we wanted to see but it's the semi final we're getting to watch. Sam Querrey, the first American* to reach a semi final since 2009, taking on Marin Cilic to get into Sunday's final. Players are now on court having their knock up. *adopts Murray voice "male player"

Who wins? Frankly it could be either of them. I'm rooting for Cilic though. Largely because I know someone who has money on him to win the trophy. So I want him to lose out in the final instead of the semi. Because that's the kind of pal I am.

Anna Logue

I want him to lose out in the final too, for entirely different reasons...

Roddy Graham

Haha! I think there'll be quite a few people thinking the same.

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Underway on Centre Court. Cilic to serve the opening game. The crowd is, well, rather sparse right now. And very quiet. Let's hope these two can serve up a classic to ram it down their collective throats. Cilic serves a good game and holds to 15. 1-0, first set.

Cilic has started this match with real purpose. Flicks a great backhanded winner cross court to move to 15-30. Querrey recovers well though and wins 3 points in a row to take the game. 1-1, first set.

I'm delighted to say we've got John Inverdale providing the BBC commentary of this match this afternoon. And that's called sarcasm, people. Cilic holds to love and this match is going to go to 4 tie-breaks and a 5th set finish of 18-16. 2-1 Cilic, first set.

Sam Querrey makes no mistakes on his way to levelling the match at 2-2. Racing through this first set.

Lovely rally at 15-0 which sees Querrey pinch the point from the net. It's as good as it gets for Sam in the game as Cilic control the rest of it with good serving and groundstrokes. 3-2 CIlic, first set. I feel we're going to have a LOT of holds today.

Emperor Slowking

#CilicFacts The Palindrome once made Chuck Norris look under the bed.

Roddy Graham

Haha! That's a good gag that. Nicking that for another time.

Another game. Another hold. Sam Querrey's serve is such a weapon. Cilic is going to have to go some today to break him. 3-3, first set. All so easy on the serve so far.

It's very swiftly moved on to 4-3 Cilic after a very comfortable service hold. Again. If this doesn't go to a tie-break I'd be very surprised.