Roger Federer
7 7 6

Tomas Berdych
6 6 4



Good afternoon everyone! Sue Revell (@MakeYourBigLeap) here to take you through the 2nd Wimbledon Men's Semi Final. Who will join Marin Cilic in the final on Sunday?!

As we start, the BBC are engaged in their latest round of Fed fawning. Moi? I'm more your 'ALL semi-finalists have worked hard to be here and deserve respect' kinda gal. I may well just have blown out my birthday candles and wished for a Berdych win.... but that's just between you and me, ok?

So. This is the third time that Roger and Tomas have met this year. Roger thrashed Tomas at the Australian Open..... but Tomas did get to match point in Miami two months later, before Roger prevailed yet again. Will Rog get the hat trick today? Or will it be third time lucky for Tomas?

It must be a very strange day to be Goran Ivanisovic. Both his former proteges now Wimbledon Semi-Finalists. Not sure how I missed his split from Tomas, last week, until today! What else did I miss while I was lost in Snowdonia last week?! I don't know much about the lesser known Stepanek - other than it's a pretty cool time to have joined Berdych's team!

Ah.... so Roddy had to put up with John Inverdale in the commentary box for the first SF. I get Andrew Castle. And Tim Henman. Thank God for Boris! Here we go folks! PLAY!

Berdych serving first - and takes the first point quickly. The second point has to be earned though.... and it's Roger who claims it and takes 15-30 too. An error from Roger - we won't see many of those - on the backhand. A big first serve that doesn't come back for 40-30. Big serve, deep approach shot but Roger finds the pass and it's Deuce!

The first break point of the match! The last thing Tomas needs is to give Roger a look at a second serve... but he does. The net intervenes and Tomas can breathe.... for a moment at least! Deuce.

Massive forehand from Berdych extracts the backhand error from Roger. One big serve.... and it's a hold. Great effort there from Berdych. Can he keep this up? TB 1 - 0 RF

Fed quickly 30-0 up. Tomas on the board as a Federer forehand goes long. 30-15 Two more points to Roger and an easy hold to 15. TB 1 - 1 RF

Lovely forehand into the corner of the court gives Tomas 15-0. A short rally - Roger works his way into the net but the approach is to central and Tomas finds the pass. 30-15 Another solid hold - this time from Tomas. TB 2 - 1 RF