First Night of the Proms 2017



Hello, Good Evening and Welcome. @dralanwilson here to guide us through the First Night of the Henry Wood Proms.

Tonight we are expecting the following - Tom Coult St John’s Dance(5 mins) Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto No 3 in C minor(36 mins) John Adams Harmonium(33 mins)

For a full run-down of the first 25 or so sessions, you could worse than read this - Then again, I would say that, wouldn't I ??

Right, we're off. It's the usual host - Katie Derham - taking us through the evening. Some yada yada to start with, just waiting for Edward Gardner to get on the stage.

As you all know, the Proms are known for premiering new pieces and tonight is no exception. A 5 min piece based on some kind of medieval frenzy apparently. What's not to like ? Everything probably.

We're off - quiet start, so that's good. Single violin doing something ominous.

Bit of pizzicato and tom tom, good luck reading the score for this. Trumpets joining in now, not exactly a hummable tune I have to say. More than a hint of Dukas in there. Sorcerer's Apprentice anyone?

Some serious parping from the tubas. Yep, this has got medieval frenzy written all over it. One of those pieces that is fun for the conductor, interesting in a "I really need to concentrate" sort of way for the players and agony for the listener.

Back to the first violin again. Timely cough from the audience. In the only pp section. Maybe it was the tom toms again actually. My bad. We're repeating the pizzicato bit again, with some manic clarinet thrown in for good measure.

Yawn. Sorry, I'm just not getting this at all. Might go and do a bit of hoovering until it's over.