British GP: Qualifying



Alexa - cover the British GP qualifying for me, would you "Hmmm, I don't know how to do that." That's 'cause you're shit!

Hello everyone, @grahamterris here instead - it might rain, Lewis Hamilton HAS turned up, it's time for the flag waving extravaganza that is Silverstone on GP weekend and there's a big championship battle underway. Qualifying starts in a few minutes.

There's a 5 place grid penalty for Bottas & Ricciardo and about 3,975,288 place penalty for Alonso. Bet Fernando is 10th after lap 1 though.

It's pretty miserable on track as we begin the 18 mins of Q1 - cars are going out on a mixture of inters and supersofts. Verstappen has called it "inter" conditions, he's probably right.

A quick change for inters for the supersoft runners, Max was right. The rain's probably getting heavier, it's that wet rain too. Ricciardo, Hulk & Verstappen get the early quick times in. Could be an interesting one.

Mercedes team weatherman is predicting 3 or 4 mins of rain then it'll stop and the track dry. We'll see.

Ricciardo's beached at Woodcote... "I got a problem" Turbo trouble it seems. He's out of the car.

Red flag, session stopped, clock stopped with 10:07 remaining.

That'll leave Ricciardo in P15, but add in his 5 place penalty so that's plumb last. But probably in front of Alonso :-/

We're running again, but not sure if it's wetter, dryer or still the same.