Chris Eubank Jr vs Arthur Abraham



Evening boxing fans! It's a Saturday night treat for you tonight with live minute-by-minute updates of ITV Box Office's latest bout as Chris Eubank Jr takes on Arthur Abraham at Wembley. Join us for the first in full from 9.30pm when we'll also bring you Lee Selby on the undercard. Make sure to tell your pals too and save them £17!

I'm Roddy Graham and you are most certainly welcome to tonight's fight night action from London town itself. It's Eubank Jr vs Abraham from 10.30pm in the main event but before then it's Lee Selby taking to the ring. Full commentary coming up on that one as soon as I've bought the ITV Box Office coverage...*cough, cough*

Selby takes on Jonathan Victor Barros tonight. No, I don't know anything about him and yes, I expect that you're disappointed by that news. But to be quite honest, I genuinely don't care what you think. What I do know is that this is for the IBF World featherweight title. But only because I copied and pasted that info from BoxRec. Yeah, screw you knowledgeable fans. I have the internet!

Now I get really good feelings deep inside me when you login to this website and share your comments as I type. So go ahead and login to this website and share your comments as I type and give me some really good feeling deep inside me this Saturday night. It might just make me type faster. Probably not though...

There is currently a live fight going on inside the arena, but I cannot be bothered to tell you anything about it, bar the fact one of them is wearing the name "Wardy" on the back of his shorts. My guess is he's called Mr Ward but my sources cannot confirm that quite yet.


Has selby fight started

Roddy Graham

Not yet Dave...round 12 of this Ward fight then Selby will be on. Should be no more than 15 mins away. Was due for 9.30pm start but this one has gone the distance!

Well that Ward contest had came to an end, at last. I have no time for either fighters as I'm only here for Selby and Chris' son, which I'm confident is the same reason you're here. If you do really want to know, well, find out elsewhere. I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart. Not as some information source.

John Inverdale is presenting for ITV Box Office?! And they're charging £17 for this fight??!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If you've paid for this, you're an absolute melt. And you're contributing to Inverdale's pension. UNLUCKY!

Alongside Inverdale is George Groves and Anthony Crolla. Must say, one positive to the ITV coverage is there segments before the fights. Always enjoyed the way ITV produce their interview sections. Probably the best in the business at production of these.

For those of you who didn't know, Lee Selby's mum passed away on Tuesday. There's a lovely touching moment in the changing room when his trainer said a prayer alongside the rest of his team. Highly emotional. Let's hope Lee can do this business tonight in memory of his mum, eh?

Barros comes to the ring to your stereotypical South American soundtrack. He's a mean fighter who comes in with a pretty formidable 41-4 record. This will be a tough one for Selby.