205 & 1/0

South Africa
335 & 343/9 dec



Good morning and welcome to coverage of day three from Trent Bridge. I'm Mel (@ANCook26Fans). South Africa are on top after the bowled out England very cheaply (and quickly) yesterday. They ended up scoring 205 but most of the batsmen were got out rather than playing poor shots. The English bowling was less effective with only one wicket taken before stumps.

However there is still a lot of cloud cover at the ground so that should help the bowlers to take some quick wickets this morning (like they did yesterday morning). If South Africa are bowled out for a reasonably low score, then England might still be in with a chance as the weather is meant to improve according to the weather app on my phone!

SA 75/1 (22), Amla 23*, Elgar 38*, lead by 205 Nearly time for the start of day three. Dean Elgar and Hashim Amla come out to the middle to face the bowling of James Anderson.

SA 76/1 (23) Oooh - that was very close to being an edge first ball to Elgar from Anderson. He is away with a single next ball though. Good line and length from Anderson. It looks slightly brighter today on my TV screen and I am being told it is warmer as well.

SA 84/1 (24) Stuart Broad takes the second over of the day. Elgar is defending and ends up in all kinds of positions on the crease. Warne on comms is driving me mad already... The penultimate ball gets pushed down the ground for four. The last one is well bowled but Elgar gets it away.

SA 85/1 (25), Amla 24*, Elgar 47* England bowlers not happy with the ball but they don't succeed in getting it changed this time. Quick single taken. Play and miss from Elgar.

SA 85/1 (26) Broad wants men out on the hook to Amla remembering how he was out to the short ball in the first innings. Amla is a little more watchful at the moment. Maiden from Broad.

SA 89/1 (27) Elgar squirts a shot away for two and moves to 49*. En edge brings up his 50 from 79 balls with 8 fours. It was well stopped to save two runs.

SA 91/1 (28) Amla is more comfortable first ball of the next over from Broad and gets off strike. Broad changes the field and elicits the edge but it goes past the slips to third man. Good short ball to Amla but he gets out of the way. The next ball, Amla might have edged but did it carry? They don't review.

SA 94/1 (29) Hmmm... it carried but was there an edge? No one really appealed. They should have reviewed! There was an edge! Cook was confident and Amla looked guilty. To be fair I couldn't hear anything on stump mic. Anderson's over is fairly quiet and concedes three runs.