British Grand Prix



Why hello everybody. Welcome to what is the 10th round of the 2017 Formula One championship. The tea's brewed, the crumpets toasted and the crowd's a plenty. It can only be the British Grand Prix!

After yesterday's riveting qualifying it's time for the main event. in between that i shall update you on any news post qualifying. Penalties, gearboxes and Formula e?

So penalties, as we knew beforehand Bottas has a 5 place grid penalty for an unscheduled gearbox change so his P4 lap becomes a P9 grid spot.

Alongside that Daniel Ricciardo also has a 5 place penalty for a gearbox change but also took a 10 place grid drop for an engine change. so him breaking down in quali (p20) comes to a 1 place grid rise. because... Penalties. Not forgetting about Alonso and his (by this point) infinite grid penalty. he starts P20 despite THAT lap in Q1.

Your grid is attached (100% not pinched by the Beeb)

Today's big question: WHO WILL WIN?! Hamilton from Pole? Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari? or can Ricciardo shock us all and take an unprecedented victory.

Do we have any followers over in Silverstone at present time? if so give us a shout and where on the track you're at!

I'm going to bring the mood down but our hopes over to Martin Brundle (Sky F1 pundit) who'd apparently been taken ill mid broadcast. 🤞🤞

The threat of rain is always there so Ricciardo will be hoping to capitalise on that

Before the start and Jolyon Palmer has broken down. this really isn't going well for him this year... or most of last year