Marin Cilic
3 1 4

Roger Federer
6 6 6



Martina Navratilova 9 Helen Wills Moody 8 William Renshaw 7 Dorothea Lambert Chambers 7 Steffi Graf 7 Pete Sampras 7 Roger Federer 7 Serena Williams 7 There's your target Roger, you're in good company on 7 Wimbledon Singles wins, great company, but the air is rare towards the top.

Roger is 35, an age that used to be considered too old for, well... anything. And here he is looking as good as ever, better maybe, and he's after another Wimbledon title.

Remember when he lost in the 2012 Olympic final and he claimed he'd keep going until 2016 as he wanted that Olympic medal to complete his trophy collection? We chuckled a bit didn't we, "he'd be to old" we said. Yet here he is, in another Wimbledon final in 2017. Having won the Australian Open in 2017. (still no Olympic Singles gold though, eh Rog?)

Here's the mind blowing stat of Roger Federer's 2017 though - in Grand Slam or Masters 1000 matches his record is.... Won 25 Lost 0 (zero)

So anyone think Marin Cilic has a chance?

Cilic is probably playing as good as ever, but he's not had a tortuous route to the final, and he hasn't faced any of the great returners of the game so his serve has been enough. Today is the day of reckoning.

But enough preamble, the players are walking through the corridors and down the stairs of the grandest venue in tennis. Roger has a little glance at the honours board and checks the seven instances of his name. I'm sure he'd have it inlaid with diamonds, given the chance.

As the players warm up, here's how we're going to do it: I'm @grahamterris and I'll be covering the first two sets, then I'll hand over to @hannakin__ and she will provide the quality commentary through to the conclusion. I covered the first match played at Wimbledon this year for ByTheMinute, and it's an honour to cover the last.

So aye, here we go. Federer won the toss and elected to receive. Fancies an early break I guess.

First couple of points are shared and Cilic seems a bit tight as he pops an easy forehand long. Roger, however, nets a simple backhand then Cilic does the same. Deuce