Doctor Who: 13th Doctor Revealed!



The speculation has been rife. But now that the tennis is finished it's time to find out just who will be the 13th Doctor. Will be be that lanky one from My Family? Could David Tennant return? Could it be a woman?! The moment has (almost) arrived people!

Currently on BBC One we've got Sue Barker and Roger Federer getting on like a phone box on fire in some sort of intergalactic space war. I'm reckoning the BBC will wait a wee while longer before telling us the news we're all desperate to find out.

Oh come on Roger. Get off my telly so we can see that it's a woman taking over from Peter Capaldi and I can spend the rest of my evening giggling away at the pathetic response of Daily Mail readers. Please.

Some of the name linked with the job in recent weeks include... - Phoebe Waller-Bridge - Tilda Swinton - Jodie Whittaker - Kris Marshall - Miranda Hart (who I swear to God would make me kick my telly over if it's her!) - Tom Ellis - Andrew Scott Any of those take your fancy?

Kieran Rea

Tilda Swindon would be so amazing !

Roddy Graham

Agreed...although I really like the idea of Jodie Whittaker. She's ace.

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Roger still showing off his trophy on Centre Court. Come on BBC One. Get this show on the road so we can all get on with our sad, lonely lives for the rest of the day.

Federer now has his name on the board. Surely now it's time for the BBC producer to say "enough lads, let's give the Who fans what they want". And, no, that doesn't mean Pinball Wizard over the tennis montage.

We've now got Tim Henman giving his analysis. Not even a Tardis in sight. BBC taking the piss now. I swear down if they show the doubles final THEN do the reveal that I'm going to kick off.


At least it's afternoon over there! I'm waiting in Australia and it's 12.45am...

Roddy Graham

Jesus Connie. You're keen. It's be 3am by the time they reveal it. Guaranteed.

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Boris Becker giving his tuppence worth now too. "Well, I loved Tennant and Smith but the way Capaldi delivered the dead pan humour to the viewers was a real treat", says Boris. In my head. Still talking tennis. Obvs.

Tom Baker >>>>> Sue Barker Am I right? Still talking bloody tennis. I mean there's people from Australia at quarter to one in the morning tuning in for this, folks. Just put your 30 second reveal video on.

Zhney Gibson

I'm in Melbourne and it's 1:21am

Carissa Rosalind Francis


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Where in the world are you reading this from? I've had a Melbourne at 1.20am already! Anyone beat that for dedication to the Who cause?

Peta Malart-Hendriks

I'm in Adelaide....can hardly breath

Roddy Graham


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