World Para Athletics Championships




Floors silver, Wallace gets the bronze. But it's gold for GB again and the crowd loves it

Not the best start Peacock has ever made, he had work to do but at the half way stage he was up there, and then he pushed all the way and gets that gold medal. Floors finishing like a steam train to pip Wallace, who had looked set for second

Liam Malone, who isn't racing tonight due to injury, has been on Channel 4. His punditry is basically. "me, me,I'd have won." for any question

Men's 100 T13 final. Ireland's Jason Smyth goes in this

Smyth is pretty much unbeatable in these big races. From inside to out: Handler (Swiss), Zlatanov (Bulgaria), Araujo (Brazil), Smyth, Perris (Australia), Teodoro (Brazil), Nambala (Namibia), Michalski (Poland)

Away we go!

No! False start

Araujo getting the blame from the commentators, could be curtains for him. He certainly went early.

Townsend-Roberts misses a high jump world record attempt but has gold. Araujo is DQed...