Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 1



Well well well, good morning! It is technically morning, and Valar Morghulis! It's time! @TimBonvilleGinn here for the 1st episode of Game of Thrones season 7!! This is going to be special!!

The ice is collecting, here we go! FINALLY!! WINTER IS HERE!!!

Oh, we join Walder Frey! This must be Arya! This is creepy!

So they're all drinking wine that's been handed out, this is the whole Frey family going in one!! Arya is going to kick ass!!

Wow this is intense, they're all dying like Joffrey!! "1 Wolf alive, then the sheep are never safe"

Arya has killed the whole of house Frey!!


Now we move, windswept wintery ground. A dusty cloud forms with shadows in them, the Wights are massing

They now have giant wights!! Oh jeez, Bran saw it all, as he wakes with Myra at the wall! Ed and a few brothers question him, Bran tells Ed he's been watching them and what's coming, Ed takes a moment to look out beyond the wall

Jon announces girls must fight the Wights as well! The wildlings will man the wall