Doctor What?



With some fanfare the BBC yesterday unveiled Jodie Whittaker as the latest actor to play Doctor Who. Bizarrely, despite general contentment with this decision, there was some consternation with a particularly backwards portion of the population who cannot comprehend that a fictional two hearted alien could possibly do the job with no more equipment than a sonic screwdriver.

Even here on this esteemed website there were folk who found it a bitter pill to swallow.

So lets have a dig around and check out the previous 12 Doctors to see if there's anything there for folk to get their knickers in a twist about... (not going to include Peter Cushing who played the Doctor in 2 movies and John Hurt who was a sort of warrior version of the Doctor)

First up we have William Hartnell, he played the Doctor from 1963-1966. ●Check trousers ●Waistcoat ●Monocle ●Aloof manner yet kinda camp I hate to point it out but there's something reminds me a bit of a certain lamé tracksuited DJ about him. Can't imagine he'd get the part now. However, I adore the alien characters which are always just people in onesies with random papier maché heads!

Hartnell underwent regeneration into Patrick Troughton. Nothing weird about that like. I mean men change into other men when they get old right? We can all accept that.

Patrick Troughton, 1966-1969. ●Dishevelled look ●Beatles haicut ●Wonky bow tie ●Still got check trews ●Played the recorder and had a 500 Year Diary to refer to. We see the more playful aspect of the character in this form although the dark and mysterious aspect was never far away. Apparently. Way before my time.

The next regeneration was ordered on Troughton as some kind of punishment by the Time Lords or something. Anyway, he wasn't happy about it, especially when he woke up and discovered he had become Worzel Gummidge.

Jon Pertwee played the Doctor from 1970 to 74. He decided to go Liberace style with the character. ●Ruffles ●Big collar ●Ruffles ●Cape ●Ruffles

The regeneration of JP to Tom Baker was quite straightforward and peaceful. Let's call it ordinary. Because as we established already it is quite ordinary for a man to become another man isn't it?

Tom Baker, 1974-1981. The Ultimate Doctor in my book. The first one I recall and defines the role for me. ●Big scarf ●Big coat ●Big hat ●Big eyes ●Big voice That'll do won't it? Here he is trying to work out which one's the recycling bin.