Olivia's trip to the euros


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I'm almost finished The Girl Before and I'd describe it as interesting. Fairly easy to read though which is useful. The actual flight itself was quick and completely complication free and the Netherlands it turns out, is simultaneously relaxed and efficient. So now just the small matter of England's first group game of the 2017 euros, which happens to be against scotland.

It turns out that 7 hours in an airport can get kind of boring so I ended up giving in and buying some books. I chose Rebecca by daphne du maurier which I've always wanted to read and then the girl before by JP Delaney. It actually struck me afterwards that the plots were sort of similar.

It's the only place (aside from the falafel guys food truck) that I have any kind of loyalty card and it's my favourite place to go if I'm feeling stressed. I think it's something to do with being able to feel clean, not in a ritualistic, Gwyneth Paltrow, jade eggs and pseudoscience way, but in a I didn't wash my face before I left the house and now I have and my skin feels not gross again way.

Another place I visited was boots. I'm aware that there are boots stores everywhere and there's nothing special about this boots (aside from the excessive amount of tiny travel sized toiletries) but I just really love boots.

If you do need somewhere to sit down I can recommend the Caffè Nero upstairs in terminal 3. Not too busy at 8am and it's no more overpriced than any other coffee place. Also there are plenty of plug sockets so you can charge up your phone if you've spent the last few hours desperately googling what to do in the event that you miss your flight.

I know this because I have now learned that the earliest you can go through departures is 6 hours before your flight takes off which is not something I ever needed to know before because I would never intentionally arrive for a flight 6 hours early.

So the first part of this travel blog is maybe not going to be quite as exciting as it could have been. I can't say yet what Utrecht looks like or what interesting things I've seen there. I can say that the staff at the easyJet customer service desk were lovely. I can also say that there is a severe lack of comfortable places to sit around in the check in part of manchester airport.

Day 1 part 1 I was really organised for this trip. I got travel money in advance, checked in online a week before, and made a terrifyingly detailed packing list. I had a ticket for a train that left Leeds at quarter past three and an alarm set for 1am. Then I woke up at ten past 5.