Toronto Blue Jays

Boston Red Sox



Evening all. Never mind all those blokes knocking a wee white ball around a field with sticks, here's some blokes knocking a wee white ball round a field with sticks. We're off to one of the most over-rated ball parks in America for the final game of a four games series between the battered, beaten, blistered Blue Jays and some mob from Bawstin

The Jays took the first game of the set, while the Sox took the next two. Leaving the AL East like this

Red Sox lie 2nd in the AL....with the Jays still a tantalising 5.5 games back of a futile Wild Card target

The Jays will send this lineup to the plate.....very much hit and miss these days, mostly miss.

Julian Clary's favourite pitcher gets the start for the Sox

Jose Bautista steps up to lead off: Everything away before he bounces a 1-2 pitch back to Fister who throws safely to first.

Russell Martin has a base hit....takes a 3-1 pitch up the alley into left and slides in to second.

Josh Donaldson with a runner in scoring position.....RISP has been a black hole for the Jays this year.

Ball gets away from the catcher.....not far enough to let Martin advance.

Full count for JD. Gets it over the head of Betts in RF. Martin scores......Donaldson is called out at 2nd.......and immediately calls for the replay