Toronto Blue Jays

Boston Red Sox



Fly ball in to LF where Pearce makes the catch. 1 down

SS Xander Bogaerts has one off the Green Monster, hits it about half way up, and that's a double to set the table for C Sandy Leon

Leon with a one-handed swipe into LF. He'll have a double, Bogaerts scores to tie the game. 1-1

Marrero battles a pitch into CF, it tails away from Carrera for a base hit. Leon to 3rd. Carrera throws to home, so Marrero goes to 2nd. Still one out.

Brock Holt is the 9 hitter. Brock Holt??? Sounds like some sort of animal den.

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

LOL! Well Holt definitely is... badgers den I think.

Wow.....Holt popped one up over 3rd....Pearce runs in from LF...can't make the catch....throws to home where Leon is heading, the ball hits Leon but Martin is able to adjust and tag Leon at the plate. No run scores......Marrero moves to 3rd, Holt to 2nd.

Thomas Frost

Crazy play. Hell of a play by Martin!

Paul Chapman

Hell of an adjustment to a ball that was now slower and moving in a different direction to what he anticipated

We roll back to the top of the order with Mookie Betts....who I don't think has any books out, unlike Mr Holt.

Hahahaha.....Red Sox fan in the seats at 3rd is having a mare. Once again he can't come up with a foul ball...this was a line drive mind you.

Annnnnd there it is.....Mookie Betts drives into CF.....scoring the 2 runners on base as he heads to 1st. The man is just killing the Jays this season with runners in scoring position.

Thomas Frost

Open base, should have pitched around him. Poor from the Blue Jays that.

Paul Chapman


As is the way with Liriano, he goes from sublime to ridiculous in the blink of an eye