Olivia's Trip to the Euros



Day 1 and Day 2

So once I finally made it to Utrecht and dropped my stuff off in the airbnb it was time to go into Neude Square to the fanzone. There were absolutely loads of Scottish fans and a fair amount of England fans, all of whom were friendly and obviously excited for the match. After getting a couple of ciders and a gluten free beer and having our faces painted it was time to walk to the stadium.

Again the atmosphere was really good, we chanted all the way through and we weren't the only ones. It went pretty much as well as it could have done for England with six great goals, giving them top spot in the group. It was a bit unfortunate for Scotland who clearly struggled with missing some key players and had some defensive lapses, but England were in really good form.

The next day was more of a chance to explore Utrecht. It's a really lovely place, not hard to walk around although buses and bikes are both more popular ways to get around. We walked a bit along the canal and then eventually ended up at the fanzone. It was fairly quiet when we arrived but by the time the Netherlands game was about to start it had filled up.

The reaction to the home team's 1-0 win was incredible and it was hard to begrudge the fans the close win that came from their slightly dubious penalty. I've been really impressed so far by local people's enthusiasm for the tournament and I'm hoping that continues as we visit the other host cities.