Olivia's Trip to the Euros


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Day 4 and Day 5

I know this was meant to be a daily blog but it turns out that going to an international football tournament is pretty tiring. It is also completely brilliant, especially when the fans are fantastic.

The England fans at the Scotland game were a little subdued but that certainly wasn't the case with the France fans when their team drew 1-1 with Austria. It might have been a disappointing result but they certainly didn't act like it, chanting all the way through the match.

That game was in Utrecht so we spent the day in the house and the fanzone but yesterday we travelled to Breda. It was our first trip outside of Utrecht and it went fairly well

The journey was pleasant enough but the weather was awful. It poured for a huge amount of the day but everyone was still in high spirits. We didn't end up exploring Breda very much but what we did see was lovely and the stadium we went to, which belongs to NAC Breda was great.

We ended up meeting up with some of the French fans that we'd seen at the match the day before as well as some England fans, and drew a fair amount of attention with some loud singing.

The fanwalk to the stadium was equally energetic and I had a great time talking about Man City with the 12 year old who had been the DJ at the fanzone. This tournament was the first time him and his family got into women's football and it's really nice to see so many new fans

The people in the Netherlands have really got behind their team and it's great to see. Everyone we've met, from taxi drivers to strangers on trains, has wanted to chat about how the tournament is going and plenty of people are looking forward to going to games

So today it's off to Deventer for Norway v Denmark which looks like it'll be an exciting clash between two teams who really need a result


I hope you enjoy Deventer, it's the only part of the Netherlands I've spent much time and it's lovely. Well, it was 20 years ago!