Swimming World Championships



That does conclude the action for today. The session still has about 20 minutes to go but that's for medals, Ben Proud has picked his up. Mark Foster has offered him the worda to the national anthem. Maybe Proud is a republican? Hope he is We'll leave it here, I'll be back tomorrow for more action from the pool with five finals. See you then

They are on the red button, where I can finallu let you know O'Connor finished seventh. She seems philsophical in her flash interview. Says this year will teach her a lot of stuff

And with that, the BBC go straight off the air - ha!

Hosszu wins gold for Hungary. The crowd go nuts! 2.07.00. Ohashi finished very, very well for silver. Cox gets bronze for the US

Hosszu leads with 50 to go, she has this, O'Connor with work to do. The Japanese swimmer going well

Hosszu turns first after 100, O'Connor turning in fifth with her strong stroke to come

Hosszu of Hungary being backed...here we go!

Our last race of the evening then - Womens 200 IM final. Siobhan Marie O'Connor goes in 6 for GB, a medal would be a bonus

Here's your finalists then with two Brits Scott Guy Sun Haas Krasnykh Dovgalyuk Kozma Park

Sun finished 0.08 back