Swimming World Championships



Off we go!

King has been made angry it seems, leading at blustering pace at the turn. Meilutyte pressuring her but King holds on!

Vasey may be in the final as well. A PB for her, we'll see in a moment, but that was a decent race between the top two

Here we go then... Vasey just into the final! Efimova King Meilutyte Meili Shi Vall Smith Vasey Should be a good final tomorrow...those top three probably the medalists

A short break from the swimming, as we see Adam Peaty collect his gold he won earlier.

Men's 50m Fly final time! Ben Proud of GB goes, as does Schooling of Simgapore who is one to watch. Dressel of the US probably the favourite, down to his good starting

We're off!

Decent start from Proud, Dressel going well... It's tight, but Proud is in there PROUD WINS GOLD FOR GB! 22.75 Santos of Brazil came second, Govorov of Ukraine, who was up there from the start gets bronze

It's now time for the Womens 100 back semis, Dawson and Davies mean we have double British interest. Seebohm of Australia leads at the turn is the one here...it's tight but has it. Dawson came third, Davies fourth. A fairly slow semi, so could be a wait for the two British women

Here's the second semi - Fesikova of Russia and Masse of Canada the two mentioned before we get going