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Evening All - Another lengthy baseball shift ahead with 5 games on the menu tonight - Kicking things off in Toronto where the Blue Jays entertain the Angels. I'm @clarkyboy72 and I'll try and keep you abreast of everything else going on in the world of baseball all through the night.

Other games I'll be concentrating on tonight are: Mets @ Mariners Rockies @ Nationals Royals @ Red Sox Pirates @ Padres

Pitching duel so far in Toronto where Francisco Liriano is perfect through three innings. Yusmerio Petit is on the mound for the Angels and he has only given up a single to Justin Smoak so it's 0-0 heading to the bottom of the 3rd.

Strikeout and a couple of pop ups in the bottom of the third for the Blue Jays. LAA 0-0 TOR after 3

Perfect game is over as Trout forces Donaldson into a diving stop at 3rd base and from his knees he throws over Smoak's head at 1st base. 1st hit of the game for the Angels and Trout advances to 2nd on the error. No other issues though and a coupled of ground balls get Liriano out of the inning and the game remains scoreless. LAA 0-0 TOR (Mid 4)

Donaldson fouls one off and lets go of the bat which scoots towards the pitcher. No injuries and the ball goes past the same spot on the next pitch for a lead off single. Smoak follows that up with his 2nd hit of the night into RF and the Jays are cooking.

Pearce flies out to RF with 1 out and Donaldson tags up to move to 3rd. Andrelton Simmons airmails the throw over Escobar at 3rd and the ball sails into the stands to allow Donaldson to score. ANGELS 0 BLUE JAYS 1 (B4)

Aother 3 up 3 down inning for Liriano. Just 58 pitches through 5 innings for the Toronto starter. LAA 0-1 TOR (Mid 5)

Keynan Middleton in to relief Petit who was making his first start of the season for the Angels. Looks like they will be using the bullpen to get through this game today. MIddleton immediately issues the first walk of the game to Miguel Montero. Darwin Barney then drills one into the left field corner and Montero comes all the way from 1st to score. ANGLES 0 BLUE JAYS 2 (B5)

And now it's Goins with an RBI double into the same corner. Beats out the throw to second which was off line. Barney scores and the Jays blow the game open. ANGELS 0 BLUE JAYS 3 (B5)