World Athletics Championship 2017: Day One



First false start of the evening, Lesotho's Mosito Lehata jumps the gun. Second attempt, no problems, looks like Su Bingtian of China with the win, Ujah in second after a great start, and American Christian Belcher recovers to take third.

Su with a 10.03 for the win, Ujah 10.07 and Belcher miles behind (in relative terms) coming in at 10.13. Fastest loser spots are currently 10.15 and 10.21 with two heats still to come.

Heat 5 next, out on track is the man we all love to hate, Justin Gatlin goes in lane 5. No Brits in this one and we have a delayed start as Tobagan runner Keston Bledman in lane two puts his hand up.

Second attempt, another false start!! South African Thando Roto gets the red card.

Third time lucky, straightforward win for Gatlin, met with a chorus of boos around the stadium. 10.05 the time. Bahrain's Andrew Fisher takes second, South Korea's national record holder Kim Kukyoung edges out Bledman for third.

Here we go then. Sixth and final heat. Usain Bolt ready and waiting in lane 7. The crowd on their feet as he's introduced. Jimmy Vicaut of France the other one to watch in this one. Another Brit, James Dasaolu, also looking to make it through.

Bolt wins. He's not happy though. Slow start left him with work to do and he was looking over at Vicaut from about 50m. Think Desaolu might have taken 2nd from Vicaut, definitely has an automatic Q. Wow, Bolt really is not happy. 'I think these are the worst blocks I've ever experienced' he says. Definitely a little stumble there on his first step.

Bolt through with a 10.07, slowest winning time of the night. Dasaolu does indeed take second with a 10.13, and Vicaut takes the final automatic qualification spot with 10.15. Two fastest loser berths go to a pair of Japanese runners: Shuhei Tada with a 10.14 and Aska Cambridge in 10.21.

Still action going on in the pole vault, after clearing her first jump Bradshaw has passed on the next height. Just needs to clear one more to qualify.

The BBC are reusing their Mo Farah montage from the olympics last year. DID YOU THINK I WOULDN'T NOTICE?