World Athletics Championship 2017: Day One



Right then, time for the first gold of the Championships. It's the Men's 10,000m final, and here comes Mo!

They're off! 25 laps, 27 minutes. Mo Farah already geeing up the crowd with a wave of his arms on the first lap, taking his position at the middle of the pack. 2 Ugandans and a Kenyan have formed an early breakaway.

That small group has dropped back in but it's still Cheptagi and Kurong taking turns at the front. Another Kenyan, Geoffrey Kamworor now joining them to take the lead. Don't ask me how many laps they've done, I wasn't counting.

Definitely looking like the Kenyans and the Ugandans have formed some sort of an alliance here. Mo just moving up a couple of places but still looks content to sit somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Farah's made a move up to just behind that group. And the Kenyans have responded. Two come through from the middle to try and stretch things out, and Kamwarar moves to join them. Things just speeding up now, time for Mo to take this a bit more seriously.

Farah averaging about a 65sec split, that group at the front pulled things out to about 63sec for a couple of laps but seem to be slowing back up again. Farah now right on the back of them flanked by two Ethiopian runners. 9 laps to go.

Mo in 5th with 6 laps to go, still that alliance of Cheptegi, Kamwara and co. ahead of him but he's keeping a very close eye on them.

Ethiopian youngster Hadis at the front now, things really winding up now as we hit 4 laps to go. AND MO MOVES TO THE FRONT.

That was a clear call out from Mo. Brief though. Hadis retakes the lead, Kamwara second, Cheptegi third. Three laps left.

Sue Revell (@TheMissionMaven)

Here he comes!

Farah on the outside and retakes the lead with two laps to go. Him and Hadis jostling for the lead.