World Athletics Championship 2017: Day Two



Good morning! WK Athletics Day 2! I (@BrendaCalis) will keep you live updates today. You can follow: @ByTheMinute. Programm for this morning: My Highlights: - Heptathlon 100M Hurdles / Highjumping (Thiam, Thompson) - Mens 400m first round (van Niekerk) - 100m women first round (Schippers, Thompson) - 800M men first round (Amos, Kupers)

It needs 6824 points for a medal in heptathlon. #prediction BBC #London2017

Hepathlon is started with 100m hurdles. Ruckstuhl (SUI) wins the first heat in a PB 13.50 #Hepathlon #London2017

Rodriquez (CUB) wins the second heat in a SB 13.60. She is followed by Dadic in a PB 13.60. #Hepathlon #London2017

Olympic champion and goldmedal favorite Thiam (BEL) starts with 13.54 (4th). Vetter (NED) wins the third heat in 13.31 (SB). #Hepathlon #London2017

Wow! In fourth and last heat 100m hurdles Visser (NED) wins in 12.85!! Outsiders for medals Schafer (GER) 13.09 and Johson-Thompson 13.33 are faster than Thiam (BEL - 13.54). #Hepathlon #London2017.

Round up 100m Hurdles Hepathlon (1/7) 1 Visser (NED) 12.85 - 1147 2 Williams (USA) 13.02 - 1121 3 Schafer (GER) 13.09 - 1111 4 Bougard (USA) 13.24 - 1089 5 Vetter (NED) 13.31 1078 6 Johnson-Thompson (GBR) 13.33 - 1075 11 Thiam (BEL) 13.54 - 1044

First heat 400m. Kerley (USA) looks around during his 400m. He wins (44.92) and qualifies easy for second round 400m. #400mM #London2017

In second heat 400m goldmedal favorite Van Niekerk (RSA). What will he do? #400mM #London2017

Van Niekerk accelarated last 100m to fasten to a easy 45.27 win in second heat 400m. #400mM #London2017