Czech Moto 2 GP

Moto GP


Hello and welcome all to what should be a slightly calmer race in the Moto2! No brits that will be in the top 20 but should still be some amazing racing,

Here is the Grid: Pasini, Oliveira, Morbidelli Bagnaia, Navarro, Marquez Marini, Cortese, Corsi Full grid can be found here:

Moto2 World Championship looks like this: Morbidelli 174 Luthi 140 Oliveira 117 Marquez 113 Bagnaia 78 Pasini 73

The track has dried enough for it to be a dry race!

Warm up lap!

Here we go. The Moto2 Czech Grand Prix is underway! GO! GO! GO!

At turn 1 Oliveira leads! Pasini right behind him, then it's Bagnaia. Morbidelli 4th, Marquez 5th. Pasini passes Oliveira. After lap 1 it's Pasini Oliveira Bagnaia Morbidelli Marquez Binder

Bagnaia passes Oliveira. Morbidelli also passes Oliveira. 18 laps to go.

Morbidelli passes Bagnaia. 17 laps to go.

15 laps to go: Pasini Morbidelli Bagnaia Oliveira Marquez Binder Vierge Marini Luthi Navarro