Czech MotoGP

Moto GP


Hello everybody and welcome! It's time for the main event! THE MOTOGP! You have 25 minutes to vote on the poll on the @ByTheMinMotoGP twitter account, so go and do that! Until then, let's look at the grid.

Grid: Marquez Rossi Pedrosa Dovizioso Crutchlow Lorenzo Vinales Petrucci Bautista Zarco A.Espagaro, Baz Rins Folger Miller Barbera, Abarham P.Espagaro Smith Iannone Rabat Lowes Redding

It's damp right now, it's also spitting, the rain is on and off. damp for now though.

Poll results look like this: 69% Rossi 0% Vinales 15% Marquez 15% Other

Karel Abarham is now being interviewed, his dad owns the track, but to be fair to him he's showed that he can hold his own in MotoGP and is not just here cause his dad owns the Track.

It's sunny! But still raining... wet race declared but it's half wet half dry! This is so mad! This is a nightmare for the teams.

Warm up lap has begun!

Riders may change bikes AT ANY POINT! This will be exciting!

Everyone on wets.

3,2,1 GO! GO! GO!