World Athletics Championships 2017



Good evening all, we're back in East London and: There's nuttin' like T-shirt weather in the manor, my friend...

Well that was exciting last night wasn't it? Not the ending everyone wanted, expected. But all the booing? Justified? Having looked at the circumstances of Gatlin's bans I'm not convinced he's the really really bad guy.

I'm @grahamterris, if you want to discuss that with me. As to the race, I didn't see a Gatlin win coming, but I did think Coleman was the one. Bolt's a hero, the greatest ever, but he looked 90%. Medal ceremony time, more boos for Gatlin. A shame. Drugs in sport is a shame, but let's not aim our fire at individual athletes.


The booing was too much. He served his time, was allowed to race and he won. Happens in cycling all the time. Until a life ban comes in we have no choice but to accept it.

Graham Terris

Yep, I see Gatlin as similar to David Millar; not innocent but not the real villain.

Lots of love from the crowd for Usain Bolt, now that's deserved. Coleman, the fastest man this year is being ignored. Another shame.

On to tonight, here's what we have in store: (click on image to expand)

These prices eh?!

Highlights for me tonight will be the Women's 100m (another Elaine Thompson win?) and the Men's 400m semi-finals (another chance to watch Wayde van Niekerk fly). And there's Brits. I met these two in Hyde Park in 2012, and look at them now!

The Heptathlon is surely a shootout between Nafi Thiam and Carloine Shafer though, KJT an outsider for the bronze.

Women's 100m semis right now... 1st run features Dafne Schippers & Kelly-Anne Baptiste... Ivory Coast's Ta Lou takes the win with an astonishing 10.87

Schippers was 2nd & Baptiste 3rd. Britain's Daryll Neita was 4th with an 11.16 - top 3 go through but that might get her into the final as a fastest loser.