World Athletics Championships 2017



Elaine Thompson in heat 2... She'll win this, but the other qualifiers are anybody's guess.

Thompson strolls it in 10.84... Brazil's Santos is 2nd with an area record (wtf is that?) 10.91 and Switzerland's Kambundji third on 11.11.

Thompson was possibly an outsider to do the 100/200 double in Rio, but she's concentrating on the 100m here and surely unbeatable?

Next big event is my tea! I'll try to keep you posted with the athletics.

Final heat has US best, Tori Bowie, who's a medal hope, and the first round surprise, Gina Luckenkemper. Britain's Asha Philip has a chance too.

1. Bowie 10.91 2. Ahouré

Holly Bradshaw clears 4.55m for her first... what do you call a pole vault thing? Jump? Vault? Ping? Any ideas?

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

I'd go with vault but I am not an athletics expert by any stretch of the imagination.

Graham Terris

That's good enough for me.

Whatever it is, she's impressive.

I'll get you the list of finalists for the Women's 100m as soon as it's posted. Here it is...

Men's 400m semis now..