World Athletics Championships 2017



2 Brits finish 5th and 6th in heat 1, so that's that then, say the whole of the UK media. But wait, there's a Brit in heat 2. C'mon Kyle Langford!!!

The big shame is there's no David Rudisha in this event. The outstanding performer of the 2012 Olympics, imho, pulled out last week with thigh knack.

2nd for Kyle Langford! F'kin magnificent!

That was a humdinger, Kyle Langford stormed from 6th to 2nd in the finishing straight, the crowd loved it. Brandon McBride of Canada (but surely Scottish) won it.

Just spotted this; a bitterly disappointed Holly Bradshaw cheering on her team-mate KJT in the 800m. That's what pals do.

The 800m is so tactical, but sure with 2 from each heat plus the 2 fastest losers it's advantage to those that run the final semi (of three) and so it turns out.

Although I'm not sure why they all just don't go for the time. Remember Scotland's Tom McKean, a very fast runner but could never win a race as the tactics seemed beyond him.

There's an angry shot putter, he's fouled in his final throw, and he disagrees. Brave judge there. Walsh from New Zealand wins it.

Women's 100m final coming up soon. Only one winner for me, Elaine Thompson, but Ivory Coast's Ta Lou is one to watch.

A reminder of the start list and their records....