World Athletics Championships 2017



Here we go....

Wow!!! Ta Lou takes it!

No, she doesn't!! Tori Bowie threw herself over the line and wins it by 1/1,000th of a second

Elaine Thompson was back in 5th or 6th and never in it.

Bowie pretty much fell over the line for the win, Schippers was 3rd. Ta Lou was maybe a bit quick to celebrate?

There goes my career as a tipster. Another Jamaican loss, another American win in the 100m. The relays next Saturday should be spicy.

Ta Lou could have, should have, won that but Tori Bowie has the experience to go with the speed and got the dip at the line perfectly. Not sure what happened to Elaine Thompson.

I'll leave you with the final results of the Women's 100m. I've been @grahamterris and I hope you come back for more later this week. These games are great. ps - the Heptathlon medal rostrum is Belgium, Germany & Netherlands... Well done EU central... F'kin brexit :-/