World Athletics Championship 2017



Annnnnd our first three through are; Blake (JAM), Sani Brown (JPN) and Wilson (SUI).

Now, time for the second heat.

Well the winner was by a mile here, and it was Richards(TTO), with 2nd and 3rd going to King (USA) and Dwyer (JAM).

Qualifying for the men's triple jump is under way, with the automatic qualifying length being 17m, aka. more than 10 of me.

Right, here is the third 200m heat. We have some British interest in this one with Daniel Talbot, and he's in lane 8. Let's go Dan!

WHAT A RUN! New personal best for Daniel Talbot in 20.16, and he takes second place. Van Niekerk (RSA) in 1st, and Volko (SVK) in 3rd.

Great Britain's Nathan Fox in qualifying for triple jump, and he's gone 16.27m, which is a bit short of the automatic qualifying.

Sophie Hitchon has just started warming up for the hammer throw.

Now, fourth 200m qualifier is just starting.

Guliyev (TUR) has taken the first spot, with Webb (USA) in second, and Lemaitre (FRA) in third.