World Athletics Championship 2017



The qualifying for the women's hammer throw is just about to begin, with Sophie getting a MASSIVE applause.

Ooooh, Isaac Makwala (number 1 in the world) is not running the 200m qualifying, but instead is choosing to focus on the 400m.

Our qualifiers here are Siame (ZAM), Greaux (TTO) and Tortu (ITA). Tortu is only 19, and this is his 2nd 200m race this year! Warren Weir comes in 4th, so doesn't get one of the automatic qualifying spots.

Good first throw for Sophie Hitchon, and it puts her into the lead. 71.47m is a VERY solid first throw.

Here we have the 6th heat, with another British interest; Zharnell Hughes and he'll be hoping for the same as Talbot!

Ooooh just fourth! Young (USA) wins it, with Simbine (RSA) and Tsakonas (GRE) in 2nd and 3rd.

Mitchell-Blake (GBR) is in this last heat, fingers crossed!

Oooooh, Aaron Brown (CAN) is given the win, but Mitchell-Blake has the same time. Third goes to Munyai (RSA).

Zharnell Hughes gets one of the fastest loser spots!

Here are the qualifiers;