World Athletics Championship 2017



She has indeed, she's got in as the last fastest loser and will run again tomorrow!

Sophie Hitchon is talking to BBC and she is absolutely gutted, bless her! :(

Right, so we've got the men's 400m hurdles heats.

BBC aren't showing them but they are talking instead, show us some running guys.

They also have a countdown clock for Laura Muir, way to pile the pressure on, eh?

They are FINALLY showing the hurdles, with Jack Green in action.

Annnnnd he has just about taken 4th place, that was a wee bit of a mess from everyone involved.

Eeeeek, we have an injury on the track. Hopefully nothing too serious, but Teles has whacked his leg off one of the hurdles and subsequently fallen.

Triple jump time, and we have some MASSIVE jumps this evening.

I love these really snazzy socks, they're obviously for aerodynamics but they are fabulous.