World Athletics Championship 2017



That brings day five of the Championships to a close! Plenty of drama both on and off the track. More to come as the week goes on. That's all from me, I've been @hannakin__, thanks for following!

Back to the pole vault, Kendricks with a failure at 6.01m. Lavillenie......faults. Kendricks takes the gold! Great sportsmanship between the two. Lisek gets silver, Lavillenie with bronze.

van Niekerk had one eye on the 200m once that race was won, definitely wasn't going full tilt over the line. Still miles ahead of the rest. Impressive and more to come from him this week.

It's gold for Van Niekerk! 43.98. Started to tire a bit down the home straight but there was no one else close. Steven Gardiner of the Bahamas takes silver, and a surprise bronze medallist in the shape of Abdalelah Haroun of Qatar. PBs for everyone bar van Niekerk and Haroun.

Van Niekerk up on Gaye and ahead as they come round the bend....

Here we go....

Back to the 400m. Makwala is out. That drama will continue I'm sure. Fred Kerley of the USA is van Niekerk's next closest competitor. He's in lane two. Van Niekerk in lane 6 with Nathon Allen (JAM) in lane 5 and the empty lane 7 next to him.

Kendricks clears 5.95!! The bar was wobbling but it stayed upright and he moves into the lead. Lavillenie has passed 5.95, and will have one chance to clear 6.01. Lisek three and out for 5.95, could still get silver depending on what Lavillenie does.

Just one more race still to come out on track. Are we about to witness history? Wayde van Niekerk, South African, 25 years old. Olympic champion. World Record holder. Can he be the first man in history to go under 43 seconds? Maybe not tonight, but we shall see.

Kendricks fails his second try at 5.95. Think that knocks him back into second depending on what the others do. So close for Lavillenie!! He's been the closest of the three at this height, but again just bumped it with his knee. One more chance for each of them.