World Athletics Championship 2017



Over at the javelin final, Spotakova still leading with 66.76m heading into the final round. Li Lingwei in silver medal position and I think it's Lyu Huihui who has just moved into bronze.

Michael Johnson doing the proper journalists' job for them, great questioning of the Botswanan head coach. Confirms that Makwala was turned away from the stadium, but that the IAAF has not directed him to be quarantined from other athletes. All seeming very sketchy.

Right then, onto the women's 400m hurdles semi finals. 2 automatic Qs and 2 fastest losers to go through. Stacked first SF, Shameer Little, Sparkle McKnight, Kori Carter, and Zuzana Hejnova all in this one.

Hejnova with the win, Kori Carter checks her stride a couple of times but comes through in second, Little is nowhere.

New leader in the pole vault! It's a Pole! Piotr Lisek of Poland to be precise. He's clear on the second height of 5.75. He's joined shortly after by Sam Kendricks (USA).

And we have a winner in the javelin! World record holder Barbora Spotakova of the Czech Republic regains the title, ten years after she first took it. 36 years old and she remains the best in the world. She's over the moon. 66.76m for the gold.

Okay. Second 400m hurdles SF. Meghan Beesley goes in this one, she took one of the fastest loser spots from yesterday. Cassandra Tate and Sara Peterson in this one as well.

Tate very quick over the first 200m, fades in the second half but she hangs on for 3rd. Ristananna Tracey (JAM) with the win, and Lea Sprunger (SUI) in second.

Here we go again. An email from the IAAF states that a medical assessment WAS carried out on Makwala. The Botswana team is alleging that they were not notified of this assessment, and that the medical report shows no symptoms, other than the fact that he vomited once, on Sunday. IAAF disputes their claim that no one was present. IAAF clearly trying to do damage control but it's all a bit late.

Anna Logue

There's something very strange going on...

Back to the action on track and GB team captain Eilidh Doyle is out on track for her semi-final. Olympic champion Dalilah Muhammed also running.