World Athletics Championships 2017



Evening folks! There's action everywhere you look at the Olympic Stadium tonight with plenty of stars in action. It's @hannakin__ here with coverage of day 7 of the World Athletics Championships.

The first race is about to get underway, here are the times to know tonight: 18:30 - Laura Muir in women's 5000m heat #1 19:10 - KJT in women's high jump qualification 19:43 - Caster Semenya in women's 800m heat #3 20:20 - Christian Taylor in men's triple jump final 21:23 - Dina Asher-Smith in women's 200m SF #3 21:35 - Eilidh Doyle in women's 400m hurdles final 21:52 - Men's 200m final

First up tonight are the women's 5000m heats. Heat number one has just got underway. 10K world record holder Ayana goes in this one, as does Britain's Laura Muir. Strong field of distance runners in this one and much lower expectations for Muir. Just as big a cheer from the crowd for her though.

All the big guns sat in the middle of the pack with about a third of the race gone. Japan's Ayuko Suzuki keeping pace at the front. Not a particularly fast race so far, but not especially slow either.

5 laps to go, pace was slowing right down with Suzuki still at the front. Obiri takes over for half a lap, but now it's Ayana who's come through to the front, her and fellow Ethiopian Senbere Tenferi looking to quicken things up a bit.

5 to qualify from each heat, and 5 fastest losers (probably not from this heat) go through by the way. 2 and a half laps left, Ayana and Obiri at the front. Muir on the outside in 7th.

There's the bell, Ayana and Obiri stretching the lead, Muir in 5th but there are two runner on her heals. Needs to stay strong here.

Obiri takes the win, Muir had nothing left on that last lap, passed with ease by those two chasers and she's in a pile on the floor after coming through in 7th. Not sure that will be enough.

Obiri, Ayana, Teferi, Krumins (NED) and Rowbury (USA) in the automatics. Kenya's Kiprotich just squeaked out of the places on the line. Muir in her interview seems optimistic of a fastest loser spot. 14:59.34 the time to watch for that.

Second 5K heat lining up. Two brits in this one: Eilish McColgan and Steph Twell. Genzebe Dibaba is a DNS after finishing dead last in the 1500m, but Sifan Hassan does start.