World Athletics Championships 2017



KJT and Morgan lake both through comfortably to the high jump final. That'll take place on Saturday.

Yet another Brit in the 1500m. Jake Wightman looking to follow O'Hare through. Timothy Cheruiyot is the one to watch here.

Wightman's dad is the stadium announcer! Could all get a bit giddy if he does well!

He does indeed do well! Comfortably in the automatic spots, Cheruiyot does what he needs to do and comes in second. Aussie runner Luke Mathews and his dodgy moustache take the win.

Sue Revell (@TheMissionMaven)

You're on fire, Hannah! What's next?!

Hannah (@hannakin__)

Eventwise, women's 200m. In terms of fashion choices, lord knows!

Back to the triple jump, here comes Claye again....3rd attempt...WOW! 17.63! That'll retake the lead!! We've got one hell of a contest on our hands here.

Christian Taylor on the runway.....that's a big jump too!! What'll it be.... 17.68!! The lead swings back to Taylor! No one really challenge the WR yet but we're just getting started here.

First of the women's 200m semi-finals about to go. Dafne Schippers in lane 5 of this one... 2 automatic qualifiers and 2 fastest losers.

Schippers had that won by the time they came off the bend! 22:50 the time, Deejah Stevens in second.

23.03 the time to beat for a fastest loser berth after that first heat. Still two to come.

Here comes the second heat. Shaunee Miller-Uibo does run in this one after that freak cramp on the home straight of the 400m final yesterday. Bianca Williams is also in this race in lane 3.