US PGA Championship 2017: Round 1



Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. ByTheMinute proudly brings to you the USPGA Championship!

This year's tournament comes from Sleepy Hollow. I'm your headless horseman, Howard Crossland.

Of course, I jest. Quail Hollow our venue, and Thorbjorn Olesen our early leader on -4. Your man Olesen is widely regarded as Ivor Robson's all time favourite name. All mentions of him must now be read in a rising, excitable tone.

The marquee group out there is Rahm (-1), McIlroy (-1) and Fowler (E), who are on 9. Back to back birdies from Rory on the last two holes.

The Legend of G-Mac at 16, his 7th, and it's a lovely approach. In good shape at one on the happy side of par.

Mickelson completes his first 9 in +4. Milestone major for him this weekend. As always, he's keeping it 💯.

Graham 'The Beard' De Laet with a great birdie at 4, and he's up to -2 already. Further now mentioned by moniker only.

Rory at 9 from a mid-range distance, safely done to secure the par. Fowler for birdie... cool as you like. He's out in 34 despite a nasty 7 earlier. Let me know your nastiest seven in the comments. Magnificent, Eleven or Trent?

Still at the top of the leaderboard... Thorbjorn Olesen! < / ivorrobson > Sorry, it's quite catching.

Tommy Fleetwood interview now, 70 today. Looking well for his age. Also has a name that would fit in well in The Sopranos. "You wanna track down Tommy Fleetwood? Fuhgeddaboudit."