World Athletics Championship 2017



Hello and welcome one and all to Day 8 of The IAAF World Athletics Championships in the Olympic Stadium in London! This is the quieter morning session, however, we have the start of the Decathlon, which could be crucial.

I am your commentator for today, Ewan. Our first event is in 5 minutes, it's the Decathlon 100m. As with the decathlon we have 10 events for the athletes, how well they do in the events will be turned to points, after all events the person with the most points wins.

All that works for 1 medal! If I won the Decathlon I would want at least 5 medals!

For the first heat we have Bourrada, Dudas, Felix, Auzeil, Ushiro, Oiglane. Tonnesen, Van Der Plaetsen. We will have 4 heats. We have only one brit in this event, He is Bryant, and he is running in heat 2.

Here we go, heat 1. GO!

Dudas takes it by a nose ahead of Bourrada!

Heat 2 has: Santos, Uibo, Mayar, Urena, Bryant (Britain), Dubler, Suarez, Kazmirek, Braun They are going onto track now

GO! Mayer wins by far! Bryant TAKES 5TH!

2 more heats to go, at the end of all the heats, how many points each decathlete has made will be shown.

Heat 3 lineup: Shkurenev, Roe, Helcelet, Samuelsson, Nakamura, Singkhon, De Araujo, Brugger, Distelberger