World Athletics Championship 2017



And that is the End of The Morning Session of Day 8 at The IAAF World Athletics Championships. I have been your host, Ewan. I will see you all, next time. goodbye.

through to the Men's High Jump Final is Barshim Bondarenko Lysenko Przybylko Ivanov McBride Ivanyuk Ghazal Onnen Rivera Grabraz (GB) Wang

You no longer have to jump the bar to qualify. How many times you have failed in the past really maters now

Ivanov has finally qualified.

Lysenko has jumped the bar on his second attempt

Barshim and Przybylko are also through

Bondarenko is Through to the Mens High Jump Final!

List of those on the qualification jump, who if they jump the bar, will qualify for the Long Jump final: Mcbride Ivanyuk Barshim Onnen Riveria Bondarenko Lysenko Ghazel Przybylko Tamberi Protsenko Ivanov Wang Silva Grabraz Ferreira Robertson

Not long before people start jumping the qualification jump, I will tell you who goes through when.

Only one event left The Men's Long jump Qualifying.