Coutinho has handed in a transfer request, they are coming up against a very good Hoffenheim side over the next couple of weeks which could define their season, and they are linked with Shane Long and Manuel Lanzini. Many Liverpool fans have called for Donald to press the button. Before all that though, there is a game of football to play. I'm Nathan Waywell and football is back!

Before we get into the coverage, just quickly. As a few of you may know, I am quite a big United fan. In fact, I'm at the game tomorrow. However, this does not mean today's coverage will be bias toward Watford. Hopefully not. My emotions may get the better of me if Watford slide in a 5th...

Watfords team:

Liverpools team:

We are underway!

3' Both teams so far playing like it's the first game of the season. Liverpool dominating possession though.

7' First proper chance of the game! Okaka shrugs off the challenge of Can and finds Pereyra, who forces Mignolet to save his shot from the edge of the box. Corner to come for Watford...


8' Liverpool are trying to make this game another 4-3. From the corner, Okaka is given yards of space and is allowed to head home from just a few yards out. Not even sure who was meant to pick Okaka up for Liverpool. They let Watfords most dangerous player in the air get all the space in the world from a corner...

12' Hate to say it but Van Dijk would have dealt with that threat if he was picking up Okaka. Maybe.